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At Nick's Gas Installation and Maintenance Services, we are your trusted partner for all your Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) needs. With a deep commitment to safety, compliance, and quality, we offer a range of services to ensure your LPG installations are handled with the utmost care and expertise.

Why Choose Gas?

Gas is a reliable and cost-effective choice for all your heating needs. It provides you with hot water, cooking convenience, and warmth without being dependent on weather conditions or electricity supply.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We take great pride in our work, adhering to the South African National Standards on the handling, storage, distribution, and maintenance of LPG installations.
When you choose Nick's Gas, you can expect:

Qualified Installers: Every installation is carried out by a certified installer, ensuring that your LPG system meets all safety and regulatory requirements.

On-Site Expertise: We always have a qualified installer on-site during installation to oversee the process, ensuring everything runs smoothly and safely.

Attention to Detail: Extra care is taken when handling your appliances to prevent any damage, especially if your appliances have a delicate metallic finish.

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We are a team of qualified LP Gas installers who are dedicated to delivering top-quality service. Our work is neat, professional, and fully compliant with the latest LP Gas regulations. Whether you need installation or repairs, we're here to assist you with a free quote.

Our services cover a wide range of LPG applications:

  • Gas Fireplaces: Experience the warmth and coziness of a fireplace with the convenience of gas. Say goodbye to wood storage and chimney concerns.

  • Gas Stoves: Discover the advantages of gas stoves, including cost-effectiveness, quick heating, and precise temperature control. Plus, they operate even during power outages.

  • Gas Geysers: Enjoy instant hot water at affordable prices with our Gas Geysers. Never run out of hot water again, and benefit from lower running costs compared to electric geysers.

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